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Ranger Buddies empowers children to be heroes every day through fun and exciting missions. Little daily actions built into missions on the Ranger Buddies web app teach children C.O.U.R.A.G.E. and inspire them to care for themselves, others, and the Earth. 

Click here to embark on an enthralling RB experience:

RangerBuddies official website:

iF Design Award 2023 winner:


This programme is presented by Mandai Wildlife Reserve, my role in this project is Product Designer and Assistant PM, deeply involved in the design and development process from ideation to implementation, including subsequent product iterations.

We're planning to organize fun and engaging offline campaigns as well as partnering with schools to inspire and educate children in Singapore and beyond about environmental conservation. Our goal is to ignite a passion for environmentalism in young minds and empower them to take action for a sustainable future.

🚧 Challenge: RB started as an experimental MVP, the product prototype quickly validated its feasibility but also exposed many design shortcomings. It requires continuous iteration to improve the product to better suit the target users (kids aged 4-10), and enhance their absorption of the product content.

🛣️ Process: Using a two-week sprint cycle for rapid iteration, we adopted a dual-track approach of design and development, I was working on requirement gathering, design review, and assisting with usability testing.

🍎 Outcome: Since Nov 2021, cumulative registered family account: 20,000, reached out to 30,000 children, week retention rate: 21% (during March campaign).


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