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My NParks

Mandai is aiming to enhance visitor experiences by utilizing the prevalence of mobile devices among its visitors. To achieve this, a guest mobile application will serve as a crucial interface between Mandai and its guests.

Download app here:

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Mandai official website:


This programme is presented by Mandai Wildlife Reserve, my role in this project is Product Designer, deeply involved in the design and development process from ideation to implementation, including subsequent product iterations.

🚧 Challenge: RB started as an experimental MVP, the product prototype quickly validated its feasibility but also exposed many design shortcomings. It requires continuous iteration to improve the product to better suit the target users (kids aged 4-10), and enhance their absorption of the product content.

🛣️ Process: Using a two-week sprint cycle for rapid iteration, we adopted a dual-track approach of design and development, I was working on requirement gathering, design review, and assisting with usability testing.

🍎 Outcome: The current total registered user count for the product has reached 1000 across the entire island.

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