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Mandai Wild Reserve

Mandai is aiming to enhance visitor experiences by utilizing the prevalence of mobile devices among its visitors. To achieve this, a guest mobile application will serve as a crucial interface between Mandai and its guests.

Download app here:

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Mandai official website:

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This programme is presented by Mandai Wildlife Reserve, my role in this project is Product Designer, deeply involved in the design and development process from ideation to implementation, including subsequent product iterations.

🚧 Challenge: Mandai has no prior experience with similar projects and has a complex internal hierarchy. We as the design and development partner need to align requirements with multiple stakeholders and follow up on their feedback while preserving practicality and persuading business users to be innovative. Throughout the first project phase for more that half year, we exploring and executing project deliverables quickly while ensuring quality.

🛣️ Process: The first phase is developed in a waterfall approach, while the second phase shifts to an agile approach with a focus on functionality and user experience, each cycle lasts three weeks.

I was working on conduct requirement gathering workshop, design review, assisting in usability testing and UAT.

🍎 Outcome: Launch in Q1 2023, the project is currently in continuous iteration. Gathering the first hand user insights.


Please contact for more detail.

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