Product iteration for a lift IoT company who aims to provide intellectual solutions for lift safety monitoring. Including an integrated platform for users to monitor and manage their lifts, and an app that assists engineers to assign, execute, record and generate service report.

The original version of the app has userbility problems, vast amount of information are displayed without proper organize, interfaces are not intuitive and user friendly enough: users need to repeat actions when they doing task report, calendar was too big to see my tasks in home page(collapse button was hard to be discovered) etc. 

My aim is to solve those userbility problems, and boost up user experience. Through talking to end users and product manager, I had a better understanding of our target audience and their needs. 


I did the information architecture based on my findings, following that I streamlined the app interfaces and added in new features for users:


- Auto save task process,

- Pause your task anytime, and easily continue   

  doing it under ‘Saved’ session,

- User evaluation session,

- Obtain lift live information & maintence history  

   in a glace.

- Gathering information and analyse it from

   admin portal

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